OPI is helping to prevent the Summer Slide!
Check out this great site Sharon Sinclair found for keeping track of what your students are reading!! I am going to try it with my own kids this summer!!!!  http://www.skratchpublishing.com/TourSkratchTrack.aspx
I am currently reorganizing the resource page!  I believe the links are easy to follow  I am also adding Fluency and Comprehension Routines. Keep checking!! :)
I just heard about this. This Act is to replace the NCLB Act. Check it out: http://www.ncte.org/action/alerts/learn
This is a great resource!
www.achievethecore.org- This is a helpful site to understand and access tools to implement the Common Core.
Beth Newingham in Troy, MI has a great teacher resources for literacy and math!
This blog and website has been created to be a resource for the Kalispell Striving Reader's Project. Important dates:
April 3-4 Leadership teams to Helena: Montana Striving Reader's Project Training
April 5- Neilia Solberg at Russell
April 9- Russell and Elrod: Grades 4 and 5 training with Neilia
April 10- Russell and Elrod: Grades K and 1 training with Neilia
April 11- Early Out- Russell and Elrod: Training with Rhonda and Neilia
April 12- Russell and Elrod: Grades 2 and 3 training with Neilia
April 17- Leadership teams to Polson for RTI training